tips for punta cana

Tips for Punta Cana

The best way to invest your money is by traveling. Do you want to meet Latin America? Let us recommend an incredible Caribbean paradise. Here you will find all the tips for Punta Cana that you need to have a fantastic time.


book flights in advance to punta cana
Booking flights

Check your flights in advance for your trip. You will get them cheaper than buying two days before. The months from October to February are ideal for travel thanks to the low humidity. The hurricane season starts from June to November, so try to avoid those months, so you don’t have to stay stuck in your hotel room.


paying taxes in punta cana
Tips for Punta Cana – Paying taxes

When you arrive at the Punta Cana airport, depending on the country from which you come, you will have to pay taxes. The rate is around 10 dollars, and only cash payment is accepted. Therefore, make sure that when you arrive at the airport, you will bring the indicated amount with you.

Payment methods

tips for punta cana payment methods
Payment methods

In Punta Cana, the official currency is the Dominican peso, although it is also prevalent to pay with dollars or euros. But it is more advisable to pay either in the Dominican peso or dollars. The prices are already established at the value of the two previous currencies when funding with euros (which are of a higher rate) they will take it with the value of the dollar. Similarly, you can pay by credit card but only in individual establishments.


tips for punta cana tours
Tips for Punta Cana – Tours

Many places in Punta Cana are worth the time to visit. Beaches, parks, casinos, nightclubs, pirate ships … Anyway, there are too many. Immerse yourself in an exhaustive search for activities to do before you arrive in Punta Cana. That way, you will know how much it costs, where it is, and what you can do.

With these tips for Punta Cana, you will have practically solved your trip! Meliá will be excited to share with you your next adventure!

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