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Surf in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the perfect destination to relax, have fun, party but also to play sports. In fact, in Punta Cana, the leading sports are diving and surfing! If you want to know where to learn and surf in Punta Cana, keep reading.

The best beaches to practice surf in Punta Cana

The beaches where you can practice this sport because the waves lend themselves to it are; Cabarete Beach, Encuentro Beach, Sosúa Beach, Grande Beach, Preciosa Beach, and Macao Beach.

In case it is your first attempt at surfing, and you want to learn, we suggest you go directly and without stops to Macao Beach, this please is more secure, it lacks excellent depth, and in the background, there are no corals so it is less likely that you can have some accident.

Also, in Macao, there is the Macao Surf Camp, where you can learn with the help of an instructor, as well as you can have the facility to rent surfboards.

surf in punta cana
Surf in Punta Cana – Circle by Meliá

Do not be frightened if you are raw, and they give you to train a board of almost 3 meters, that is the table with which we all started. It is more challenging to maneuver the smaller meals. We leave those who already have experience in surfing.

You will have to learn to be patient in this sport because, in addition to it is evident that you can hardly ride your first wave correctly. Almost 60% of the time, surfers are paddling against the current waiting for the perfect wave to ride it. But remember, practice makes perfect.

Let the Beach Boys and the song “Surfin’ in U.S.A” be the soundtrack for your new adventure. Dare to do something different on your trip to Punta Cana and discover what your new hobby can be for a lifetime.

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