Calling all protectors of nature: The Keepers.

We know that the approaching vacation period will be something very special for the whole family, and for the young ones, these times will be a double treat. In Circle by Meliá, we want them to recall their childhood as a time filled with abundance, joy and experiences that promote their wellbeing in the long run.

That is why we give children a special title: since they all will have the mission of being caretakers of the future — and by this we mean the natural environment — we call them The Keepers. The future of humanity is in their hands, and there is no better time than vacation to continue their learning and achieve their potential along with other children who become their friends for life.

As The Keepers, children will enjoy experiences both outdoors and at a place called Habitat, where they will develop their creativity, imagination and sense of belonging. Through a variety of activities prepared especially for them, they can discover their place in the world and see that they are part of something bigger. These are some of the activities they can encounter on their next vacation.

Recycling Workshop

Our need to take care of our waste is becoming increasingly clear, and learning at an early age how to do this will make a great impact on the future of our Planet Earth. The Recycling Workshop is not only fun but also a teachable moment for the young.

Garden Games

Planting, caring for trees and understanding how nature functions are exercises that are both important and necessary. For the children, Garden Games will create an attachment to nature. This joyful and inspirational experience will create a sense of delight that positively impacts children’s emotional health.

Without a doubt, a wonderful time awaits you at Circle by Meliá, where we have created experiences that will produce countless happy and enjoyable memories to benefit children and the world. Book your vacation today! You can be sure this time will be the best ever, with surprises that continue year after year.

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